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Good Times @ the California Club

First of all I would like to thank everyone who came out this last Friday to show their support for all the acts. It was a fair turnout for two nonlocal acts and myself. I'd also like to thank Ben Herte of California Riot Act for booking this gig. Check out his band if you like alternative hard rock ( Rachelle Debelle (of Dr. Luna) and Jordan Biggs sure were some nice folks to share a venue with. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again. Check them out if you haven't already ( The staff at the Califonia Club was awesome. Sarah and Jessica sure know how to tend bar, but more importantly they know how to treat people and make them feel welcome, as does Spanky the sound engineer. He was very relaxed and easy to work with, and he was a blast to hang out with. The bar may be small, but if you're a musician and you haven't played at this venue yet, you should! If you're not a musician you should still make your way to charming Old Town Auburn and hang out with these fine people. I will definitely find my way up there again before long. For more information about the California Club, see their website ( Cheers!

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